Bearbarians Review

  • Bearbarians is a Platform Fighting Game that is Easy to Love


    As cute as Bearbarians is (it really is!), the one thing you should never forget about this game is that the enemy team will do its best to beat you. Those new to the genre can switch over to the game’s easy mode (which is the default setting) in order to get used to the combat and pace of the game. But those of you looking for a good challenge would still do well to save up and upgrade before bumping up to the higher difficulty tiers. This game is all about being able to manage your team while still holding your own in combat. Coordinating with your AI teammates is often the key to defeating the game’s most difficult challenges.

    Beartime Fun!

    Sure, the game looks incredibly cute and fun. Since this is a fighting game with a lot of characters onscreen at the same time, the neat visuals and smooth animations also have a great functional value as well as aesthetic.

    As expected, the game has fighting bears and pandas –each using unique video game archetypes. Players become part of a 4 bear team taking on an equal number of pandas. Depending on the player’s job classes, attacks and defensive capabilities will vary, and naturally so will the playstyle. The whole point of the game is to take down as many of the enemy team as you can within the time limit, this can be done by depleting their life bar with attacks or by knocking them off the platforms and into the edges off the map. Naturally, the enemy will try to do the same to you so there is also merit in playing defensively.

    Since battles are team based, there is not much sense in going off to do one-on-one attacks. It is often better to press the advantage by charging in with your AI teammates or by giving them orders to support you. By doing this you can make the most out of having multiple units active instead of just trying to pick off enemies on your own. It also keeps your AI partners safer as well.

  • Money Matters

    Fighting off the panda team will earn you several things, the first is game proficiency. You simply get better and faster with it – eventually allowing you to visualize and actually execute combat tactics in your mind. The second important thing you get is experience points. Earn enough of this and gain a level. Levels in this game unlock purchasable iterms from the shop, the higher the level, the better items you can buy. It makes for a pretty slow but steady progression system as explained by

    Items have different values –affecting stats either positively or negatively, so players have to strategize how they want to build their fighting bears. Also, the entire team benefits from getting suited up in gear so be sure to spend a bit of time grinding for some cash before deciding to take on the tougher stages.


    As Tough As It Gets

    Playing Bearbarians on easy mode can spoil you, switching it up higher will certainly send a lot of casual players in for a shock. Well, even on easy, a little bit of carelessness will have you getting ended by the enemy team. The good thing is, dying does not instantly make you lose the match. Instead, players have to focus on killing faster than the enemy team. This means that making a sacrificial attack that lets you kill several targets potentially lands you out of the ring or worse, is worth the trade off.

    As the difficulty increases, so does the importance of mastering the different classes and their controls. It makes sense to switch around the different characters throughout the duration of the match as it allows you to provide different types of attacks to deal with the different enemy combinations. Of course, one of the most effective, yet cheapest tactic that works is to load up a mage with long range and critical state bonuses then just spamming the fireball attack from afar. If the enemies manages to close on on you, quickly teleport out of range; as long as you can focus more on dodging than shooting, you are likely to get a lot of kills while avoiding any needless deaths.